Friday, 18 June 2010

What did I learn about lip synching

Preparing and planning
To prepare I watched the youtube video, to see what emotion Bon Jovi put into the different lines of their song. I also had to learn the lyrics to the song, so that when preforming to the camera I would not have to read them and giving an all round better performance.

I took two takes to shoot my part in the film, as I got the timing wrong to the opening lyrics "once upon a time, not so long ago." Joe, however took one, the idea was simple in that we were filmed separately and then cut them together later to make the film more entertaining.

Working with performers
This experience will help me understand what the performers in my final video will be going through and how they will be feeling in performing to a camera, so it has given me empathy and the ability to talk them through. Also I will look at how i present them with the performance I want from them.

I used a camcorder to shoot the performance and Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 editing software to produce the film captured. It helped in a number of ways as we would not be able to achieve the quality of production without Adobe, as it is simple to use and effective in final product.