Monday, 29 November 2010

3 targets for this week

1, To use the new college cameras and familiarise myself with them and all the settings to gain the maximum that they are capable of. This I know will benefit my production hugely, as if we get it right first time we wont waste time re - shooting etc.

2,To learn how to use Adobe after effects, as it will help to make the video more dramatic, in the sense that we want the film to feel erry and this could be made more pronounced using after effects.

3, to learn to use lighting equipment as it will definitely be needed in our production and I have no experience of using it before.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Digi pak first draft

This is a first draft of my digi pak the final with have more sides and be more challenging in terms of effects and technology, such as using drop shadow and outterglow to lettering to make the name of the band more pronounced. Also making better use of the camera, taking better photos and editing them more effectively. I think it was a good idea to do this test run as it has highlighted certain things that need to be addressed such as finding a striking image for the front. However I feel the image used on the back and the effect used on it work well and will be kept.

Creativity week

This weeks theme has been creativity, and to experiment trying things and not being scared to be wrong, as Sir Ken Robinson said “if you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.” My group and I drew an animatic storyboard and have started to imput that into Adobe Premier pro, I also have created a mock up digi pak in my spare time. Mr Robinson also said that we are all born creative and that we grow out of it as we go through education, because education favours academics and not creativeness. This week my group has tried to merge the two, being creative to achieve what we need on an academic level. The way I understand creativity, is that you can't just turn it on and off, its something sporadic that comes to you when you are inspired. This meant when we were working as a group we would feed off each other saying things ansd suggesting ideas. When we became stuck and didn't know what to do we would play the song again, we found this would release fresh ideas.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Video Reasearch - Dr feel good, Motley Crue

This Video is quiet a redundant video of a rock band preforming their song, however it has entropic elements to it. For instance at the start of the song there is an establishing shot that shows us the band are preforming their song in a big top tent in the middle of the desert. This connotes a sense of seclusion and loneliness but at the same time the band are singing about feeling good.

When the camera goes inside the tent, everything is on fire and shot fades and cross dissolves all focus on this. This could suggest that the band are dangerous, reckless or the burning sensation felt when the band need to 'feel good'. The mise en scene becomes hugely important once inside the tent, as they are shown on top of cars that appear to have crashed and surrounded by ruined buildings. It connotes a feeling of a post apocalyptic world. Aspects like this amplify the star image in the video as we see them throughout having a 'good time' as the song is glorifying.

The use of camera shots in the video has a wide range from close ups of the singer too track shots and steady cam shots. When there is a jump in the song, for instance from the chorus to verse the cut is really quick as if it jumps, this works as the rest of the editing isn't particularly quick. The editing is fairly slow but the camera follows the singer so the video doesn't drag, there aren't many cuts but as the singer walks around we see different band members playing in the background. A good example of this is at the beginning of the guitar solo the camera pulls away from the singer and starts to spin almost as if effected by the guitar then stops to focus on the guitarist, this is all one cut but is very effective.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Plan for Time management

To make sure deadlines are met and the use of time is efficient I have created a calender of things to do before the end of term so that the music video will be ready to shoot when I return to college and so that my digi pak and poster will be completed.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Abortion girl clarification

After We presented our pitch to the class the feed back we recieved suggested we needed to clarify with each other in the group about how we present and portray the Aborted girl/child. We aim for the actor to preferably fit in with the mise en scene of the top three girls, but the other images are also possibilities.