Friday, 19 November 2010

Video Reasearch - Dr feel good, Motley Crue

This Video is quiet a redundant video of a rock band preforming their song, however it has entropic elements to it. For instance at the start of the song there is an establishing shot that shows us the band are preforming their song in a big top tent in the middle of the desert. This connotes a sense of seclusion and loneliness but at the same time the band are singing about feeling good.

When the camera goes inside the tent, everything is on fire and shot fades and cross dissolves all focus on this. This could suggest that the band are dangerous, reckless or the burning sensation felt when the band need to 'feel good'. The mise en scene becomes hugely important once inside the tent, as they are shown on top of cars that appear to have crashed and surrounded by ruined buildings. It connotes a feeling of a post apocalyptic world. Aspects like this amplify the star image in the video as we see them throughout having a 'good time' as the song is glorifying.

The use of camera shots in the video has a wide range from close ups of the singer too track shots and steady cam shots. When there is a jump in the song, for instance from the chorus to verse the cut is really quick as if it jumps, this works as the rest of the editing isn't particularly quick. The editing is fairly slow but the camera follows the singer so the video doesn't drag, there aren't many cuts but as the singer walks around we see different band members playing in the background. A good example of this is at the beginning of the guitar solo the camera pulls away from the singer and starts to spin almost as if effected by the guitar then stops to focus on the guitarist, this is all one cut but is very effective.

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