Sunday, 6 March 2011

Question 3: What have you learned from your audience feedback?

There are a number of things that appeared in my audience feedback that I would like to talk about, some of these points are of things I felt I have done better, some along with the audience could have been improved.

Dan Biddle 02 March at 16:03
The setting is appropriate for a music video of this genre, the performers really put a lot of effort in.

This is some feedback a friend gave me, I believe the first half of the sentence can be interpreted to mean, that I achieved a preferred reading of my video. I intended for it to fit the rock/ metal genre and here is confirmation that I have managed this. The second part suggests that the performance was very good and that because of the effort put in by the individuals it made the video convincing. If they had just strummed the guitar, stood still and looked at the camera with blank expression, then yes they would have been playing the song, but it wouldn't have given me the desired effect or performance I wanted.

However another criticism was :
"the shots with the girl in the white dress in are hard to follow and difficult to understand i couldn't pick up on why she was there, other than to look hot"

This suggests that the reasons for her being in the video were unclear, they could have been established better at the begging. However it does also show that the audience did not establish the link between the songs lyrics and the girl. She was representing an aborted child as the song is about an abortion machine. This statement does state that they enjoyed the clips of the girl even with the lack of understanding as to why she was there. I would say from this criticism I have learned that even though it may not be clear why she is there it hasn't subtracted anything value from the video. As 'the male gaze', suggested by Laura Mulvey, makes up for the lack of understanding.

If we continue to look at the use of the girl in the music video, here we can see phoebe saying she found the use appropriate and that it fitted in the conventions of our genre. She also says that having this section of narrative improved the video.

However, Phoebe also gave some constructive criticism for improvement. As you can see from the screen shot, she suggested that I could have used more close ups of the band, and use of different angles. These are valid points and things that I should have thought about much more, especially as close ups are much more prevalent in my animated storyboard. This suggests that my organisation and planning of filming days including shot lists were not as well planned as I had thought.
I can see the need also for use of a more diverse range of angles, however potentially I think there could be a danger of using too many angled shots. Having said that, at moments in the video such as 22 seconds in, there could have been better use of angles.

In terms of feedback about my digi pak and magazine advert, everyone has said that they look professional and suit the genre really well. However a few have said they lack coherence, as the magazine advert is black and white, but the digi pak has dull, faded colours. This suggests to me that the initial research I did into my audience was correct as what I have produced fits the genre and looks professional, however I should have considered the importance of house style more.

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