Friday, 8 October 2010

Andrew Goodwin

Is a music video theorist his theory is that there are 5 elements to a music video, these include.
Thought beats - this means that you can see the song in your head, it is like a story and the band or the singer is the story teller. Goodwin says that a music video creates these two devices that compliment each other, but that it is two way as they both tell us the story and we have to listen.

Narrative and performance - Goodwin says that music videos should ignore the normal narratives and that performance and narrative go hand in hand, that it is easier for the viewer to have both.

The star image - Is important to making the video believable to the viewer.

Relation of visuals to song - Most commonly used are images that relate in some way to the lyrics of the song or the genre the band or artist belongs to. Another technique is called Disjuncture and is the complete opposite to illustrating the lyrics, the meaning of the song and the music video are complete opposites and the songs meaning is ignored by the video.

Technical aspects of the music video are also important as they keep the film together and running smoothly.

We will now analyse a music video using his theory to analyse the music video my hero by Foo Fighters

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  1. where did you get this information about John Goodwin? have you actually analysed any music videos using these ideas?