Friday, 8 October 2010

Spike Jonze

Best known for producing, directing and writing films, short films, music videos, and work in the magazine industry. Directed Fat boy slim's weapons of choice and praise you, Beastie boys sabotage.
He was in talks to direct Star wars 2 Attack of the Clones but then George Lucas decided to make it himself.

He has also been a skateboarder, stunt man and had some minor roles in films, he helped launch Weezer into the mainstream for directing their music video for 'Buddy Holly'
He was the Creator, producer, and executive producer, of Jackass, and also produced Jackass the movie which he even acted in.

Auteur theory - Spike Jones clearly choose a style of Directing and producing that includes a vast amount of comedy, for instance the music video for WAX California can be seen as very Jackass like.In the sense that it is something you would see on Jackass as it is a man on fire running. This is of course also highly entropic as this man is running to catch the bus and it doesn't seem to bother him that he is on fire. So we can see that although t.v. and music are to different mediums Spike merges them together.
In the video for Weezer- Buddy Holly Spike has superimposed the band into the tv show Happy Days which is impressive from a technical aspect.
Weapon of choice by fat boy slim brings up Christopher Walken dancing in an empty hotel this is highly unexpected as at the start of the video he is sat down looking very serious and concentrated. These two things combined the beginning with him looking so serious and then the dancing bring a certain comedic element and also a sense of entropy as it is unexpected and something that Christopher Walken would never usually do, but you would expect comedy from Spike Jones as it is his auteur style.

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  1. I don't really too much for him as a person.... I need to see you analysing his videos!