Thursday, 9 December 2010


The group have found all the members for the band and the living dead girl, we think they will be suitable and fit the parts extremely well. The band are comprised of real musicians that actually play the instruments they will be using in the video and have also played in bands in the past or are currently. We know that coming from bands they will understand the dynamics well and this will help give the video a look of authenticity as we can't use the real band. Kieran Curtis on bass guitar, Alex Moore on Guitar and vocals, Dan Biddle on Guitar, and Giorgio Manganiello on Drums. The living dead girl will be played by Bonnie Brinkworth a member of our group, the role is not extensive and we think she was best suited for the role. Taking these things into consideration we gave her the part. in terms of mise on scene of the video, the band will be dressed as hard rock musicians. This will involve band t shirts, leather jackets, bandannas, and boots. The living dead girl will wear some sort of gothic style dress.

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