Friday, 3 December 2010

Technology week

Within the week my skills developed as I experimented, with the filming aspects as I got used to the new cameras, but also in terms of editing as I learnt to use after effects and the advantages it holds. After effects helps you achieve creative things that you wouldn't be able to without the technological skills. It was important that I learnt how to use this well so it wouldn't hinder my creativity, and that was my main motivation for learning these skills. I want to produce the best work I can so need to understand how to use the technology to achieve this.

The relationship between skills and creativity could be argued to be that you are creative and come up with an idea, then learn the skills to achieve this. Or in learning the skills and having the technical ability you become creative and come up with ideas. I believe it is a mix between the two and that the relationship is constantly changing as you learn new skills and are inspired creatively.

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